Alison'eve's Stats

Easter Lily
#112 (wild)



Birth Pack:

Current Pack:


Moonsung Wolf

Moonlit Plains

Alison'eve -- the Easter Draw!

The sound of claws against ground makes a light clink-clack sound.

Tentatively, you smile and greet the large yellow wolf. Her violet eyes looks you over, assessing if you're friend or foe. A slight nod to herself, judgment made, and she pads over to you. The multicolored beads and egg-shaped charms on necklace and bracelet creates a suprising chiming sound with every movement the wolf makes.

The large, perfumed, white lilies are carefully laid on the ground. So not to crush to beautiful flowers.

"Hullo," The wolf's demeanor is calm. "Pleasant day, isn't it?" A large, sharp, lupine grin is aimed at you. Mentally you slightly adjust your first impression of her. Calm; but of the kind that precedes a storm.

There's a glint in her violet eyes, perhaps she has a clue of what you're thinking? "My name's Alison'eve, Easter Lily. And I'm a Moonsong Wolf. The first of my kind to reside in this realm." At your mildly confused look the yellow wolf elaborates. "We originate from the Moonlit Plains. If you'd like to learn more it'd be best for you to head there yourself."