A golden Mini Crystal stallion smiles at you warmly.

"Welcome! I'm Ma'tri'Kabiy, the lead stallion of Hrozin'Ref.
This band is for Mini Crystals only and open for breedings."

He turns to look at another golden Mini Crystal approaching.

"We had began small, but now grow in members and foals.
If you'd like to join then speak to the lead mare about that."

Journey to the The Valley. Origin of the Crystal Unicorns.

Ma'tri'Kabiy, Lead Stallion
Members Name Translation Rank ID# Parentage Keeper
Ma'tri'Kabiy Heart of Gold Lead Stallion 476 Wild Thele
Eilleen Celebration Second Stallion 599 Wild Indigo Moon
Sunity'Rzira Sunlight Runner Third Stallion 475 Wild Arriaki
Tofi'tible Toffee Chip Fourth Stallion 591 Wild Arriaki
Sunia'to'zteky Sun in Snow Fifth Stallion 514 Wild Arriaki
Tuath'kabiy Spun Gold Lead Mare 490 457 x 351 Thele
Ney'syau Honey Sweet Second Mare 558 527 x 522 Thele
Slyen Icing Third Mare 582 Wild Thele
Entress'lo'shire Tulips and Lace Fourth Mare 463 Wild Saturnalia
Cyilate'tri'nyght Drops of Night Fifth Mare 557 524 x 523 Nyx
Cayba'donnel Moon Pie Sixth Mare 581 Wild Nyx
Poilli'anda Unknown Oreo Seventh Mare 415 244 x 402 Arriaki
Syau'sniker Sweet Treats Eighth Mare 609 Wild IvySpring
Tuath'kabiy, Lead Mare

Restricted Breeding: None

"I'm Tuath'kabiy, the lead mare. And I keep track of
Ma'tri'Kabiy's records. Feel free to look at them."

We are accepting members! To join; just fill out the
information and send it to the address listed below.
You should receive a response back soon afterwards.


Send to: thaelia@gmail.com

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