A bright yellow Crystal Unicorn greets you with warm smile. "Welcome to the grounds of Sunia'to'Zuy, the Band of the Sun In Glory!! I am Jestorie, the lead stallion. Please take the time to visit the members, and if you wish, to apply for foals from us. You'll want to check The Valley for more info on how that works." He winks boldly. "Before I forget to mention this, we are an OPEN BAND. Have fun!"

Members Name Translation Rank ID# Parentage Keeper
Jestorie Chrysanthemum Lead Stallion 158 N x J Thele
Lanidol Raspberry Flame Second Stallion 427 394 x 243 Thele
Alisain Majesty Third Stallion 376 Wild Sunblind
Zteky'lyiah Snow Lord Fourth Stallion 435 407 x 378 Thele
Mezirine'kik Last Dance Fifth Stallion 484 137 x 217 Thele
Shagara Firelight Sixth Stallion 569 Wild Thele
Chazien'Cheina Chasing Wishes Seventh Stallion PC-29 490 x 248
(crystal x paint)
Sourie'Vel Black Velvet Lead Mare 188 154 x 153 Thele
Ros'penen Spring Rest Second Mare 401 Wild Thele
Fahl'dayfi Calm Storm Third Mare 396 Wild Thele
Quis'lo'chian Earth and Sky Fourth Mare PC-14 O x R
(paint x crystal)
Mentant Mourn Fifth Mare 181 I x B Thele
Zualla'tri'kalla'sunia Jewel of the Sun Sixth Mare 579 161 x 155 Thele
Halti'nenan Mountain Trekker Seventh Mare 544 458 x 464 Thele

"We are accepting members! To join; just fill out the information and send it to the address listed below. You should receive a response back soon afterwards."

Jestorie grins. "And if you were lucky enough to recieve a foal from us, please drop us a line so we can all admire the little one. Or would you like to visit the foals born to us instead?"

Restricted Breeding: None


Send to:

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