In the middle of the night a golden winged stallion can be found gazing into the heavens above when the stars and celestial bodies are at their fiercest. He is Valiflis, one of the painted unicorns that originates from the far-off place of Alonnia.

"Sella Li. I am Val, lead stallion of the Filana'Dieava Charity. It was so named for the bright celestial lights above that grace us with their presence ev'ry night. The charity had started small, but has grown with each member and the passing of time."

He smiles charmingly at you. "Where you would you like to go? Visit the handsome stallions? See the lovely mares? Check out the lively children? Or perhaps you'd like to be part of our merry group, and in that case you'd best visit the sign-up desk."

Val nods at some plaques off to the side. "Just touch the appropriate one and you'll be whisked off to your chosen destination. If you should ever want to return over here then touch the large plaque up top." Dark eyes sparkle with amusement. "Oh! And before I forget to tell you, we are an OPEN CHARITY. Have fun!"

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