Charity li re Nathe'yivsta ~ Autumn Nights Charity

A slim black stallion with rainbowed mane and tail greets you.
"Sella li! Welcome to the grounds of Charity li re Nathe'yivsta;
the Charity of the Autumn Nights. I am Shallalidon, the lead."

His silver horn flashes bright in the gloom. "If you so wish, you
can visit the other members of our little mouse paint charity."

Name Translation Gender #ID Batch Number
Shallalidon Black Mage Stallion #cust10 Batch 14
Tymin'yedik Simple Rhythm Stallion #cust3 Batch 15
Yetet'baversta Many Wishes Mare #cust4 Batch 15
Kylilegrin Paper Tiger Mare#cust13 Batch 14
Zyithash'jani Stormy Sea Mare#cust9 Batch 16

Shallalidon Shallalidon looks up at you.
"We haven't yet had batches
of our own born to us, but just
you wait. We will someday.
And when we do, they'll be
recorded in the tome here."

He nods at a large book
with blank pages inside.

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