Mated Pairs

Rules and Joining


What almost seems to be a maze of red roses lies before you. Roses in all the imaginable shades of red. From the deepest crimson to those blossoms bordering on dark pink. The heady scent rising from them is intoxicating as well. Something that no perfume could ever match.

Stretching your eyes further, you catch a flash of movement among the roses. Left, right, then straight ahead. Entraced, you watch as it weaves its way around the roses. As it draws closer you are able to recognize it as a painted unicorn.

Somehow, as if sensing you, it moves in your direction. The unicorn's movements are graceful. A dance. As it nears you see that it is a stallion.. and that there is a single rose gently held in it's mouth. A perfect red rose found among the multitude before you.

The slim stallion dances up, the scent of roses filling the air around him. He lowers his head towards your hand as if motioning. You reach out, and he carefully drops the red rose into your outstreched hand. Wonderingly, you look at him.

"Sella li! Welcome to Charity li re Doylin'Silva, Charity of the Perfect Rose." At this both of you smile. How appropriate. "Led by myself, Mirith'ye'rin. Or if you prefer, simply Rin." He bows deeply.

"We are all friends here. Even if we may not see each other on a regular basis, even if we may not agree at times.. we are still friends." He smiles softly at this. "And now, you are a friend."

A strong breeze blows though, sending a shower of soft red petals falling all around. Rin looks around at it for a moment before settling his attention back onto you.

"The charity has a number of members now. We have also as time passes been blessed with children." At this he smiles proudly.

"Take your time in visiting Doylin'Silva. From here you may visit any of the charity members, or if you so chose to, you can visit the children born to us instead." Rin tilts his head ever so slightly. "Be sure to read up on our rules on adoption and joining as well."

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