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A slim, dark blue-black stallion approaches you with a grin. "Welcome to the grounds of Stuelyiv, the Yesternight Charity." He bows. "I am Komek'chesein. Not the lead, as you may have assumed, that honor belongs to Rinnan. I just like to.. meet others."

Komek'cesein drops you a saucy grin. "So where to? Members? Offspring? Or for something else; though in that cause just follow me down."

He looks at you appraisingly. "Interesting in joining us, eh? Let me tell you more about Stuelyiv. This is a fully open charity. It is also a non-monogamous charity. Meaning that no permission is needed for a breeding from any of the members, and that we take no permanent mates."

The stallion gives a somewhat thoughtful look. "We'd love to see lots of foals born from us, but please drop us a note if you do receive a little one." Komek'chesein stifles a grin.

"To join; just fill out the information and send it to the address listed below. Or you could also drop us a PM at the Orchard."

Stuelyiv Charity
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