Cora's Stats

Heart Song
#12 (H x A)

Female (Mare)


Cora Finien



Painted Unicorn

Silver Unicorn

You follow Trial's direction and head over a series of rises, away from the white unicorns. Before you completely run out of breath a sparkling pond suddenly appears. Everything is calm and serene here, no sign of the Painted Unicorns that Trial said resided here. It's still fine you think to yourself as the view is quite lovely.

Suddenly everything shades over, as if a large cloud had blocked the sun. You look up and stare. It isn't a cloud at all, but what looks to be a winged unicorn. As it glides away you start running after it. Faster and faster until your lungs feel as if they're about to burst -- then as if sensing you below it begins to descend.

As the unicorn draws closer you realize that it is a mare. An older one to your eyes, but still lovely and graceful. Finally she glides to a stop several paces away and begins to come closer. '"Sella li! Sella li!" You blink, not expecting such a vibrant tone coming from her. "Sella li, I am Cora'verana." She flashes you a bright smile. "One of the Painted Unicorns, though I'm sure Trial told you about us already seeing you came from his direction."

The winged mare shakes a blond lock of mane out of her eyes. "From Gavania, though the Paints now come out of Alonnia." She grins at your look of confusion. "It's a long story trav'ler." She looks off into the distance before speaking again. "Do you know what a Charity is? Well it is like a herd, but with Painted Unicorns or Zebracorns instead. I am a member of one, the Oshli'wythe Charity -- and have been blessed with sons. The eldest who has had children of his own, and so forth." A proud gleam races across her eyes for a moment. '"But I have heard little of my charity-mates in a long while." Her tone turns somber at that, and you have the feeling she misses the seldom seen friends.

"But enough of that. You should go and meet the others, there's quite a number of us now." With that she gently nudges you onto a path. Funny, you hadn't noticed it before...

-- Cora as a foal. Wasn't she pretty?